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Have Your FHWA Inspection Renewed

by Our Company

Receive your trailer FHWA inspections as well as welding services by our mechanics in Brownstown, Michigan. Night Owl Truck Repair does more than provide truck and trailer repair services. We offer trailer FHWA inspections as well as welding services for your trailer. We also provide basic welding services. Contact our company with questions about our FHWA inspections or welding services.

Trailer FHWA Inspections

Each year your trailer must be inspected. Our company offers your annual trailer FHWA inspections. We make sure your brakes are in good quality, greased, and in good working order. Once we perform the inspection, you'll receive a sticker and paperwork to show that your trailer and truck have been inspected.

Welding Services

In addition to our truck and trailer repair services, we provide professional welding services for ICC bumpers on your trailers. We also work on and weld your mud flap brackets as well as any dolly legs. Furthermore, we provide general welding services for all types of equipment to meet your needs.


Call us today at (877) 701-0079 in Brownstown, Michigan, to schedule our FHWA inspections or welding services.

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